Welcome to my blog!

This year as part of one of my course modules, we have to write blog posts on a series of conferences which we will attend throughout the year! I’m here to give you an overview of these conferences and let you know the most important points to take away from these conferences!

Just so you know a little about the module, DICE is an interactive module that business students take part in in order to learn more about the creative and innovative business world which we will soon be a part of! These conferences are intended to give us an idea of what we need to do in order to be readily equipped to take on the challenge of setting up our own business in the future (should we wish)!

During the year we have to take part in various activities such as creating our own app, making a research poster and then publishing these blogs about the conferences! There are only 4 conferences so I will be writing 4 posts based on these! Hopefully you guys will find them interesting and share them with your friends!

Happy reading!


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