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the-internet-of-thingsOn Tuesday, I welcomed my last ever DICE conference organised by Techspectations. Hundreds of students gathered one last time in The Helix to discover what it means to Get Digital. This mini-conference, similar to the others, was a huge success! The aim of Get Digital was to enhance our knowledge of Cloud Computing and Commerce and to explain to us how using these technologies can help us to change the world around us and improve how business is carried out.

123153663_4cf948c6fcNow, if you’re sitting at home wondering what in the world cloud computing is, it’s kind of simple! Eric Knorr once described Cloud Computing as what IT needs in order to …

increase capacity or add capabilities on the fly without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing new software

Just in case you are still a bit unsure, have a read of this article I found on the IC4 website which goes into a good bit of detail as to what cloud computing is all about cloud-computing-securityOn the day, we were joined by four amazing speakers who gave us a wide range of information about cloud computing and its various uses. We also heard from some of the speakers about the fascinating technologies that are out there available to us, which could help us to change the world we live in for the better.

Sean Baker opened the conference by telling us a little about IC4, the company who were running this conference in conjunction with Techspectations. He introduced us to the concept of cloud computing and told us IC4 do in order to promote the use of new technologies and raise awareness to the importance of cloud computing. If you want to find out about the various talks and workshops IC4 hold in relation to cloud computing and technology, why not visit their website www.ic4.ie/events/

After Sean had given us this overview of what the conference was going to be about, we were introduced to our first guest speaker of the evening.

mary-maloneyMary Maloney, CEO of Coderdojo for the past year, spoke to us about what Coderdojo is and how they encourage young children to get involved with the technologies that they are surrounded with in their everyday lives.

Coderdojo is a programme which was originally founded in Ireland in 2011 by a secondary school student James Whelton, with the purpose of teaching children between the ages of 7-17 how to code. It is a non profit organisation which has become a global success reaching out to 53 countries world wide! 

untitled (18) Mary placed major emphasis on the atmosphere that Coderdojo is trying to create for children. She described the ‘Dojo’ as

a space where children come to meet and share ideas with other children under the supervision of mentors, until they are capable of running the workshop themselves and helping each other to figure out their technical difficulties.

The work that Coderdojo is doing is excellent because it is allowing young children to develop enterprising capabilities from a young age while also teaching them valuable skills which will help them to succeed as the next generation of digital innovators. Now more than ever, I think that it is important for young people to start creating instead of just consuming these technologies which play such a major role in their lives.

Mozilla_26May_65Already, we can see the effect that these children are having on our society as they use their knowledge of coding and technology to build new software programmes and improve upon those which have already been established by fixing any glitches or faults that they may find in them.

Click on the link below to see what kids think of the Coderdojo programme!

Richard-Garsthagen-150x150Richard Garsthagen was our second speaker at Get Digital. Richard is the Director of Cloud Business and Development for Oracle. Oracle is a business which ”offers comprehensive cloud solutions for businesses IT infrastructure and development needs”

oracle y lupaHaving visited their website and listened to Richard speak about Cloud Computing, it is clear to me that Oracle a unique outlook regarding the definition of cloud computing and how it can be used to change the way that people do business.  Numerous times during his talk, Richard told us that cloud computing is about changing how we do business in order to make it easier for people to consume technology.

netflix-confirma-su-llegada-a-australiaHe gave us the example of Netflix and how they used cloud technology to change how people watch television and films. This helped me to understand what cloud computing was about because I had been a little confused before now! I enjoyed Richards talk because he helped me to further understand cloud computing by giving us examples of businesses who use it and giving us more simplified definitions! Simplicity is key!

To find out more about Richard and his thoughts on Cloud Computing you can follow his Youtube channel to see what he’s getting up to or you can follow him on twitter @the_anykey

john-masseyJohn Massey, the Manager of Cloud Business for SAP Ireland was next up to talk a little bit more about cloud computing and how it changed SAP for the better.

SAP is a business whose mission is to make every business a ‘best run business’ through the effective utilisation of business IT software and cloud computing. John’s talk was brilliant in helping me to understand just how much technology has changed business to date.

untitled (21)

John demonstrated this to us by giving us examples of how things were done in the past, compared to how they are done now. One example that really stood out to me was the hiring process. In the past, people had to submit CV’s, and then businesses would chose the ideal candidate from those CV’s. However nowadays, many business HR managers will look to LinkedIn, and search for people with the necessary requirements and chose from the list of people that comes up! 5339903957_f31a59fda0_z


shay%20garveyThe final speaker at Get Digital was Shay Garvey from Frontline Venture Capital. A perfect description of who Frontline Venture capital are can be found on their website. They are a company which offers;

capital, mentorship when needed, and a network of people that will assist founders in building their companies. We spend time working with companies to win reference customers, make key hires, and develop strategy for gaining commercial partners”


Having only heard of Venture Capitalists in previous DICE conferences (Get Started) and being warned to steer clear of them, I was unsure of what to expect from Shays talk. However, I must admit that I found it fascinating to hear about how they help new business get started in the marketplace. He spoke to us about the rapid growth that has occurred in the technology sector in the past 10 years and how VC’s are more than willing to invest in business which use cloud computing and other IT business software to get started because its cheap for them to ‘give it a go’.

Shays talk really seemed to highlight the advantages there are out there for start-ups involved with cloud computing and IT. images6HBR83J9He made me think a lot about how I could use cloud technology in the start up of my own business. Get Digital has helped me to see the importance of cloud computing and how it can change the world we live in for the better. It changes the way we do business, making technology easier for us to consume.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading about my DCU DICE experience and that I’ve given you a good summary of all of the talks! Also if you want to find out more about cloud computing talks coming up, click here.

 It’s been an incredible learning experience for me but until we meet again, Feel free to leave any comments about my blog below! Thanks for reading!


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