Wake up people of the 21st century, the time has come to Get Social


I’m sure you are sitting there wondering, what is get social ? It was an event I don’t think I will ever forget. Never before, have I been so inspired, so enchanted by stories of success from business gurus who started off just as I am today. Ladies and Gentlemen, Its time to get involved with the 21st century and get social!



  1. Dr Theo Lynn, – Senior Lecturer at DCU business school  and the Principal Investigator of the Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and Commerce Centre

  2. Deirdre Hogan- A DCU graduate who has founded her own company Gajo

  3. Jane McDaid- Co. founder of Thinkhouse

  4. Lucy Campbell- Marketing Director of RTE Digital

  5. Alan Coleman- CEO of Wolfgang Digital

  6. Nicolas Cappeillo – EMEA Sales Director at LinkedIn

  7. Eric Weaver- World Class Marketer, currently working for IPG Media Brands


What and When

Over 500+ business students gathered in The Helix on the 14th Ocotber 2014 as part of their DICE module to attend 1 of 4 mini conferences which would take place for them this year. Get Social is a talk, a talk about all things social media related. Those who attended were blown away with information on Cloud Computing , the concept of ‘content’ and other terms which I had never heard of before. However coming away from the conference I was enlightened with this new-found knowledge. I was left with the impression that if I wanted to make anything of myself and become half as successful as those on stage, I would have to listen up and be prepared to embrace technology and social media into my life.

First up is…

D.C.U’s very own Doctor Theo Lynn!

phot from google images

Theo Lynn with IC4

A Senior Lecturer  at Dublin Business School DCU and Principal Investigator of the Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and Commerce Centre, Dr. Lynn had a lot of really interesting things to tell us about current projects he is working on and also about concepts such asSentisense analysis’. All of which help people and businesses to interact with and embrace social networking  and social media without fear. One particular project which captured my full attention was Uonevu. Uonevu is a software which helps to prevent cyber bullying, It is able to detect speech/linguistic patterns and block or report the user to prevent social networking online and to quash peoples fear of online interactions.  For more see the link below!

Speaker 2:

Next up  was  DCU’s very own Deirdre Hogan!

A graduate from DCU with a PHD in natural language processing, Deirdre Hogan managed to open my eyes to the wonderful world of filtering. Having never put much thought into how certain ads got onto my Facebook or Twitter timeline, Dr. Hogan managed to make me understand how all this was made possible.  She founded her own company GAGO, having spent many years as a student similar to myself and having failed once before.  Learning how GAGO worked fascinated me and although I was a little lost due to the techy language involved, it opened my eyes as to how much work businesses put into specifying their market research techniques and defining their target markets. People like Dr. Hogan and companies like GAJO aim to ‘cut through the noise’ and get people what they want without having to go looking for it! 

photo cred to google images

Lets cut through the noise with social media!

Speaker 3:

Things got very exciting when Jane McDaid came on stage to wow us all with Thinkhouse , an innovative ‘youth communications agency that aims to connect 16-35 years olds with some of the worlds biggest brands’ such as Coke, Barrys Tea and Heiniken. Jane told us about all of the campaigns that thinkhouse organise in order to promote their clients and I was amazed that I had never heard of Thinkhouse before, as they seemed to sponsor almost every major event in Ireland! From Movember  to Heiniken Sound Atlas, the list was endless! Jane explained how Thinkhouse organised their video campaigns and we were privy to The 7 Sins of Killer Content

7 Sins of Killer ContentPhoto cred to google images


2. Epicness


4. WTF?

5. Zeitgeist

6.NSFW ( not safe for Work )photocred to google images


I really enjoyed the talk from Thinkhouse because I felt that it related to the students in the room. it was much more student focused than other talks however we were given a bit of a statistical overload which made it tough to decide which facts were worth noting!

“Sharing Content is just as important as uploading it”

 Here is an example of the type of campaigns Thinkhouse run! This campaign was designed by Thinkhouse  in order to try and raise money for Gavin Glynn, a young boy who had cancer and whose parents were trying to raise money to get him treatment in America. Their campaign was hugely successful and they managed to raise over 1/2 a million euro for Gavin’s cause! See more

To see more of what thinkhouse do visit their youtube channel below:



Speaker 4:

RTE’s Marketing and Circulation Director, Lucy Campbell!

Before this talk I had always thought of RTE as a traditional Irish channel suitable for the elder generation. Now I know different. RTE has undergone a major transformation and has evolved rapidly in order to catch up with the latest craze of online advertising across various social platforms. The RTE player has become one of the main platforms on which people watch television since it was est. in 2009.  Ms. Campbell gave us many interesting statistics to demonstrate peoples current obsession with social networking, social media and technology in general which really reinforced her point of why RTE was expanding its horizons and embarking on a new ‘digital  journey


“53% of people would rather give up  their sense of smell rather than give up their mobile phone”


“For the Fifa world Cup 2014, there was an increase in 70% of live streaming the match on RTE’s sports website”

 photo cred to google images

More than 56% of the Irish Population tuned into RTE to catch the 1st episode of the new series of Love/Hate”


The reason I found Lucy Campbells talk the most interesting was because I felt that she had given my a fantastic insight into how any business can get itself back onto the publics radar by embracing technology and by Getting Social. I felt like RTE embodied the whole concept of getting social because it went from a television station which was more old fashioned to a television station which was becoming popular again because it was not afraid to embrace social media and to exploit it for their own benefit.


Speaker 5:

Alan  Coleman, Co-Founder of Wolfgang Digital!

 –I don’t think anyone who was at the mini-conference on Friday will forget Alan Coleman, from the outset he engaged and dazzled his audience with incredible stories. Can you believe that at the ripe age of 18 Alan taught himself how to use google adwords!? From there he grew to become a digital marketing scientist and CEO of Wolfgang Digital. I was astounded by his risk taking attitude  which he employed to set up a sex shop for Wolfgang Digital in order to make more profits and demonstrate the effectiveness of Wolfgang Digital as a marketing company! A genius yet daring idea! Alan made some very interesting points about how much we rely on technology today, He used to example of google going ‘black’ on the 16th august 2013 to demonstrate how much we rely on modern social media and the internet today


When google went black, the worlds internet usage dropped by a massive 40% ”

‘Google makes the world go round”

 I like Alan’s talk because he was good at relating the topic of his talk back to us, as students, he managed to make his talk interesting by adding humour and he made a good use of statistics to back up his point of how fixated people today are with technology and digital media. I also like how he gave us an insight into the mission of Wolfgang Digital, that they aim to target their clients consumers needs at every level such as;



3. Action




1.5mn people watched the Late Late Toy Show last year and everyday 2mn people are actively watching television every day”

Speaker 6:

Nicolas Cappiello from LinkedIn !

Nicolas’s talk fascinated me! Before his talk, I had only heard of LinkedIn and didn’t actually know what it was about. As it turns out, LinkedIn is a diverse and globally acclaimed social networking site for business professionals who aim to become bigger and better by communicating on this platform and sharing their opinions and ideas. LinkedIn contains remarkable content which allows its users to

1. Share and Publish thoughts/opinions on business techniques with their peers

2. Share experiences with peers and idols such as Barrack Obama and Richard Branson

3.Regulate the content users want using pulse, to keep users up to date

I liked how Nicolas left us after his talk with an insight into the mission of LinkedIn and I felt that it was a good way to summarise what he had previously told us about LinkedIn itself.

Our Long term vision is to build the worlds first economic graph to visualise every economy”

-Jeff Waites CEO

Last but not least…Speaker 7!

Our final speaker of the day was none other than, Eric Weaver! A 24 year marketing veteran/advisor to some of the worlds biggest brands!

Eric Weaver spoke about a very interesting aspect of ‘Getting Social’. His talk was based around the Social Media Crisis of Faith. For me personally, it was a very interesting talk because he spoke about how he and his colleagues in IPG Mediabrands worked to restore people’s faith in social media and social marketing campaigns by acting as ”cheerleaders and ambassadors for the worlds biggest brands” .

He was witty and engaging and so enthusiastic that I felt myself really believing in what he said! After 6 other talks about ‘content’ and having no idea what it was, Eric Weaver addressed our lack of understanding of the word and explained to us what it was! It was eye opening to say the least!

Eric Weaver showed us how important ‘real time social content’ was by showing us the video of how Oreo used social media to re vamp its age old brand and make it popular in the eye of the public once again, Oreo Daily Twist, was a prime example of how he helps his clients to use social media to come back onto or to make themselves known on the public radar. Watch below!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bYqgw4lUOY&w=560&h=315%5D



I found my first DICE experience very eye opening.,having attended the conference and listened to the above words or wisdom, I came away feeling intrigued and optimistic that one day I might be able to achieve something similar in my lifetime! However, I was also left a bit confused which spurred me on to do some research and I can now proudly say that I have been enlightened by the meaning of content, cloud computing and sentiment analysis and that I now know how I could use them to embark on my own business venture and stay socially relevant.

 Finally, I would love to hear from you, the reader! Comment below if you too attended the DICE conference and share what you got out of it with me and other readers! I hope that you will all be as enthusiastic as I am about getting out there and getting social!!



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